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It’s small wonder that Gary V. Powell’s short stories and flash fiction have received wide-spread recognition. This collection of mostly previously-published short stories and flash fiction reveals a seasoned writer at the top of his game. Meet a young lawyer whose rite of passage to partnership entails much more than good lawyering. Listen in on a family teetering on the brink of disaster as the geese gather on Horicon Marsh. Put yourself in the place of a corporate manager asked to fire an older man he respects. Take a trip down the Baha with a man who has lost everything and knows he’ll never get it back. Return home for the funeral of the friend who was your lover in high school. Sometimes these characters win. Sometimes they lose. In language that’s both spare and inviting, Mr. Powell introduces us to stories of real people, battling real problems. Grab hold and hang on. 


 "The stories in Gary V. Powell's tense and dramatic new collection, Beyond Redemption, examine the predatory nature of the beast that goes by the name Human Being, Lacking in sentimentality, these stark and powerful stories spin out the small destructions people practice daily."  Susan Tepper, "The Merrill Diaries," "From the Umberplatzen," and 2nd Place Winner in Story South's prestigious 2015 Million Writer's Award.


"Gary V. Powell doesn't just tell a good story. He's a master at telling several stories at once, creating moments that latch onto the imagination and take root there. His characters struggle inside and out, and often verge on disaster. They survive in the most human way, grasping at straws and hanging on tight." Carol Reid, widely-published author, Fiction Editor, MadHat Lit.